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If your student is going to be absent or late, please ring the absentee number on 4969 4188 and leave a message on the answering machine. If a message is not received regarding your student being late or absent, an SMS will be sent to the parent/guardian.

Holidays During Term Time

On occasion, a student will need to be absent from school for several days or more.  These unplanned or unanticipated absences can put a strain on a student’s academic progress, compounding what is often already a difficult time for the family.

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In these circumstances, following notification by the parent and request for work, the school will endeavour to assist with some material so the student does not fall too far behind.

Parents should be advised, however, that substituting for the classroom experience is very difficult and often inadequate.  Working on an assignment without the teacher’s input for this age of students, is a very difficult task.  Text references, worksheets and assignment outlines may be of some help for motivated students, but absence from the classroom needs to be minimized.

Less frequently, a parent will notify the school that their student will be absent for several weeks on a planned holiday.  There may also be a request for work to do during that time.  Experience has shown us that students very seldom attempt any work given, despite what may be many hours of staff work in putting it together for independent activity.

Please be advised that the school procedure is that work will not be provided for avoidable absences such as Term time holidays.  Students often have several assignments on which they are already working on and can continue to access school resources via the website.  If a holiday is important to take during the Term, it may be best not to have unrealistic expectations of students working on the family holiday.  We would respectfully request however, that every effort is taken to avoid Term time holidays. The classroom experience is vital for school age adolescents.

All parent requests for non-planned absences should be directed to the Principal: .