Student Notes

Notes, forms and other information sent home with students for parents to read and/or sign can be found below. Documents will be added as they are issued to students or become available.
Mercy Cheer - Hip Hop PerformancePermission NoteMiss Molly Rossetto02-08-2019
Yr 7 HistoryMovie Letter - 'The Mummy'Mrs Dianna Bailey21-06-2019
Yr 8 HistoryMovie Letter - 'A Knights Tale'Mrs Dianna Bailey21-06-2019
Yr 9 History Classes - HI653 A,C,D, F & HWar Horse Movie Mrs Dianna Bailey21-06-2019
Yr 9 History Classes HI653 E & GANZAC Girls TV SeriesMrs Dianna Bailey21-06-2019
GE723 Reef TripPermission NoteMrs Tanya Bugeja02-08-2019
SC730 Reef TripPermission NoteMs Tania Attard02-08-2019
Yr 9 & 10 DramaBell Shakespeare Performance noteMrs Natalie Porter19-08-2019
PE765 Rec CampPermission LetterMr Matthew Paul22-07-2019
All Schools Touch CompPermission NoteMs Jo Ciantar11-06-2019
Vicki Wilson CupNetball - Brisbane TripMrs Dianna Bailey30-07-2019
Yr 8 St Mary's Buddy Reading Program Letter & Student RosterMrs Patroni04-03-2019
College CounsellingReferral & Consent FormMs Susan McKay05-02-2019
Giving informed consent for your student to attend College CounsellingInformation LetterMs Susan McKay14-02-2019