• As the final curtain, or in this case the big screen comes down on our Bring It On musical production, it’s an appropriate time to reflect.

    These performances were a culmination of many hours of work by many hands. We have seen tears of laughter and frustration and lots and lots of laughs. Nothing unusual for the production process of a major musical, the difference in this case however is that this process included over 70 kids with ages ranging between 12 and 15. These students have consistently shown their determination, resilience and patience at a level far beyond their years.

  • On May 3 Mercy College held its annual Enrolment Evening. Hundreds of year 6 students and their families explored the classrooms and facilities Mercy College has to offer. Plenty of entertainment was available from our cultural groups and the Principal, Mr Jim Ford, had visitors gazing at stars with powerful telescopes.

    A great night was had by all that ended with three lucky students winning gift vouchers from the Scavenger Hunt draw.

  • Last week, the Interhouse Cross Country Carnival divided Mercy into six fiercely competitive teams. Argos, Badila, Midas, Oraya, Pindar and Triton.

    For a few years now, we’ve been holding the Cross Country Carnival along the Blue Water Trail. Even though Debbie tried her best to make this not happen, we were able to slightly modify the program and still give students the opportunity to not only help their House out to win the overall trophy but to also gain recognition and make the Mercy College Cross Country team to compete against other schools.

    Congratulations to Midas for taking out first place.

  • Work Experience provides a valuable opportunity for students to explore, learn and practise these ‘21st Century skills’. These early work experiences often help young people ‘learn to work’ and realise the value of education.

    During Term 1, 91 Mercy students completed one week of work experience in various occupations and local businesses. They excelled during their working week and returned to school with renewed enthusiasm. Students are now rethinking their occupation preferences in preparation for their second week of work experience which takes place in Week 4 of this term.