• Following on from the success of the movie ‘Paper Planes’, the College hosted its very own paper plane throwing contest last week. In the fortnight leading up to the competition the students had a chance to test their skill at paper plane making and design within our very own Library display. Many designs were attempted, with varying degrees of success, all in the hope of being hailed the champion.

    Congratulations to all competitors and to Max Druery, who won overall with a flight of 16.6m. Lots of enjoyment was had and it was great to see the students participating and having fun in this old fashioned activity.

  • Year 7 and 8 students enjoyed their first social at Mercy last Friday and many came dressed to the theme of Jungle characters. Students danced, competed in best dressed and air guitar competitions and enjoyed an evening of each other’s company giving them an experience different from the classroom.

    Thanks to the Social Committee and the SRC members who assisted in running the evening.

    Mr Terry Moloney, Social Committee

  • On the 24 and 26 March, ten teams represented Mercy College Mackay in the Whitsunday Schools’ Futsal Competition. The competition is open to all schools located in and around the Mackay area. The College had the strongest representation in the tournament with teams nominated for U13, U14, U15, U16 boys and U12, U14, U16 girls. Students spent the day at Candlestick Park playing against teams from other schools, with some playing a total of eight games in one day! It was a tremendous effort from all students who participated shown by their excellent conduct on and off the field. Their drive and determination has led to the most successful outcome that the College has ever achieved in futsal: U12, U14, U16 girls champions and U13, U14, U15, U16 boys champions!