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  • As Year 9 students, we have been discovering and looking into the social issue of housing affordability as part of our Math Assignment task. Upon research we have discovered that many people struggle to provide accommodation and living requirements to suit their needs. It is recommended by financial advisors that people only use 30% of their monthly income on housing, however in many cases this isn’t possible.

    As a year level we are taking action and have decided to donate basic necessities such as laundry products and toiletries. The aim is to relieve the stress of such purchases to people who need it most. We have also come to appreciate how privileged we are to live comfortably with enough money for luxury items and even items we would consider as basic necessities.

  • It was a beautiful sunny day and the Year 8 students were very excited about the field trip to Cape Hillsborough. The students enjoyed looking at the different types of rocks and learning a few more of their names. This was the perfect opportunity for them to make connections to their learning in class and applying that knowledge to the extraordinary landscape around the Cape Hillsborough area.

    The students enjoyed walking along the tracks and spotting different examples of biological weathering and the stunning views from the lookouts along the track.

    I really enjoyed the trip as it was a great learning experience and I had an awesome time with my friends. I enjoyed going up to Turtle Point Lookout, as the view was spectacular where we saw turtles and a whale. It was great to be able to see the natural process and really understand how it all works, as it was right there in front of us. Evelyn O’Brien - Student

  • Mercy students competed in the Mackay Junior Robotics Competition this week across the areas of Soccer and Dance. The students have been working tirelessly over the term giving up their lunchtimes and weekends to build and program their robots for the competition. We were fortunate to host the event in our Hall and welcomed visiting schools to compete in the Rescue category. With the support of local sponsors (BMA, CQU, Mackay Regional Council, SEW, RIN, Member for Mackay-Julianne Gilbert), the Whitsunday Festival of STEM has been formed to provide students with a variety of opportunities in a number of areas with the robotics competition becoming a part of this in 2020. A big thank you to Mercy's Parents & Friends Association who supported the purchase of robotics kits so our students could participate in this event.

  • Students studying SC730 Investigating Science and GE723 Geography, learnt about our Great Barrier Reef, the animals that live and interact with the reef and the impacts caused to the reef by human interactions, including global warming and coral bleaching by attending the Great Barrier Reef excursion on Friday 11 September.

    The students all had an amazing time and collected data to help with the University of Queensland's Coral Water Program.

  • Planning a career path, weekly budgeting, choosing a credit card, investing in superannuation…adulting is a tough gig! Lucky we’ve got your back.

    This year, students in Miss McCowan’s Economics and Businesses classes participated in the Suncorp ESSI Money Challenge; an interactive, online financial literacy game. The Challenge is based on a ‘virtual reality’ where students experience and develop an understanding of how decisions over a period of time can have both positive and negative impacts on their financial situation. The game encourages students to practice real life financial transactions in a safe and challenging way, exploring concepts in the areas of Earning, Saving, Spending and Investing. These key learning areas address issues ranging from applying for jobs and managing a budget to buying and selling shares on the Australian Stock Exchange.