The Counsellor is available to speak to both students and parents to assist with a wide variety of concerns, whether they relate directly to school or not. The counsellor can be contacted through student reception.

Appointments with the counsellor are voluntary and discussions are kept confidential. Appointments may be made without parent/ guardian knowledge, however their involvement is encouraged. At times teachers or the RTP Coordinator may refer students to the counsellor as part of the College’s Pastoral Care process.

Appointments may be made by:

  • calling/visiting the College Office
  • emailing the counsellor: 

Year 8 & 10 - Donnetta Trannore

Year 7 & 9 - Molly Bettridge 

Year 11& 12 - Danika Hurley

  • asking a teacher to contact the counsellor • students contacting the counsellor directly during breaks

There is no compulsion to tell anyone what you wish to talk to the counsellor about, though a brief description can help with prioritisation.

The counsellor may refer students to outside agencies as required. 

Here are some of the great services out there to help young people and their families.

Organisation Contact
Parent Help Line
1300 30 1300
Life Line
4944 2300/13 1114 (24 hours/day)
Kids Help Line
1800 55 1800
Youth Information and Referral Service
4957 7949
Mackay Youth Support Service
4953 2299
Mackay Community Health Centre
4968 3800
Youth Mental Health
4968 3893
Head Space
4898 2255