Computer Requirements

Technology / BYOD Devices for 2024

If you are looking at purchasing a new device for your student for 2024, please find below our recommended specifications:

Windows 10/11 Based Device:

Processor: Intel i5 Gen12 or higher, or an AMD 5000 series or higher.
Memory: 16gig
Hard Disk: 512gig SSD
Wi-Fi Technology: Wi-Fi6
Battery: Greater than 6-7 hours of runtime
Charging: USB-C Charging capability is highly recommended.
Warranty: Two years minimum, longer warranty is ideal if going onto university from Year 12

Apple Mac Device:

These devices are also great to use, but if the student has selected Industrial Graphics or Design as a subject, you will need to purchase a Windows based device as Autodesk Inventor is not compatible with MacOS.

Microsoft Office 365:

All students can download a copy of Microsoft Office 365 for their BYOD devices. The College offers licences for up to five devices (this includes PCs, Macs and tablets). It is available for download from Students can simply log in using their college-provided email address and password (eg. and download the installation file from the main page. For help with any issues accessing the download, students can visit the IT office or College Library for assistance.

If you have any other questions, you are welcome to contact the College IT team for advice on (07) 4994 8700 or